General Meeting 2018


Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th September 2018

This year our trip to the General Meeting in Swansea will be just two nights.   

Monday 17th September 

Travel to Swansea in the morning Depart 10am. Departure point(s) decided as required.

Afternoon/evening – MU Services

 Dinner together (to be booked & priced – no obligation)

Tuesday 18th September

General Meeting in Brangwyn Hall, Swansea (small charge)

Evening Welsh Choir Entertainment at Brangwyn Hall (charge TBC)

Wednesday 19th September

Depart after breakfast to arrive Guildford lunchtime


Accommodation at Premier Inn – 15 twin rooms on hold at £53 per room per night.

If you share then you will just pay £53 for 2 nights, plus breakfast.



So the cost per person is

Travel by coach                                 25 people @                       £54 per person (cheaper if more people)

Premier Inn                                        if sharing                            £53 per person (plus meals)

General Meeting ticket                                                                 £15 (max £20 await)

Dinner Monday 17th                                                                     ?

Entertainment ticket 18th                                                              ?


                                                                Total Shared room          £122 plus meals & entertainment

                                                                Total single room            £175 plus meals & entertainment



PS there are rooms at the Marriott at £95 B&B per night per room  ie if you share it will cost you £95 per person for the 2 days B&B

Single room £85 B&B per night, ie £170 per person if you do not wish to share.

                                                Total would be Share room         £164 b&b plus other meals

                                                Total for single room                      £239 b&b plus other meals



We will let you know the entertainment price as soon as we know it.

Please contact Lesley Templeman in the office  with your reservation, stating which hotel and single/shared room.

If you have any questions Lesley will forward them to Antonia

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