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St. Nicholas Church
High Street

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 10.00 a.m.  in St. Nicholas' church rooms and on the third Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. at various venues.  Our Corporate Communion is on the fourth Friday of the month in the church.

Pick up a M.U. programme when you visit our beautiful Church. It would be lovely to see you at any of our meetings. Have a wander around our Village there is so much to see.





Last year we had an amazing time Celebrating a 100 years of Cranleigh Mothers' Union, with 100 members. What with the incredible book that Rosemary Gooding wrote called "A Century of Friendship" (please see information below), a wonderful service led by The Bishop of Dorking, Rev. J0 Wells with a special tea afterwards and a Quarter Peal rung in our honour.

We also made a Mothers' Union Altar Frontal. Our initial thoughts were to use it when we had our monthly Corporate Communion, but our Rector Roy Woodhams (who is also a member) had a different idea and we are very privileged to have it permanently on the Lady Chapel Altar.

The lovely spin-off of this,is that we have continued with our Sewing Group (which now includes knitting). We meet regularly and are making fidget blankets and muffs for our two local Care Homes. We have found that so many of our members are very talented in different ways and as we share these, we are having fun and fellowship together. Please come into our beautiful Church if you are in Cranleigh and see our handiwork. Try to spot the Country your Branch supports within the stone path. It will be there!!!

Anne Lock Cranleigh Branch Leader.

"A Century of Friendship"

On 7th November 2016 Cranleigh Branch was 100 years old.

A new history of the Branch has been written by Rosemary Gooding entitled 'A Century of Friendship', following many of the activities of the Branch from the first meeting on 7th November 1916 in the Village Hall, run by Emily Wilberforce, the Central President, to the present day. Every member of the Branch has been given a copy.

The future of the Branch seems very bright, with a keen, dedicated team planning for the future and encouraging younger members of the congregation to be involved.

The book 'A Century of Friendship', is now on sale at £5 (including p&p), to order your copy send your cheque, made payable to Rosemary Gooding to 6, Hazelwood Cottages, Knowle Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey. GU6 8JP.

Cranleigh Branch is 100 years old!

Cranleigh Branch has a very exciting year planned for their Centenary.

This includes a Celebration lunch, Garden Party and a special Church Service with afternoon tea. Every month we have a M. U. Communion Service and we are making a new Altar Cloth to use in the Lady Chapel.

Our Rector Roy, has challenged us to increase our membership to 100 and we are delighted to say he is going to be enrolled. (Maybe we could challenge YOU to enrol your Rector if you haven't already done so.)

We have so many amazing members some who will be receiving their Long Service awards this year. One who has been a member for 60 years and six for 50 years.

We also have three members who are celebrating their 90th birthday and will be sending greetings on the card being sent by Mary Sumner House to the Queen. So I say again that we have a very exiting year planned for our Centenary. 101

Anne Lock

Cranleigh Branch Leader

The Passion of Jesus

This year I joined the cast of the Wintershall Players for the production of the Passion of Jesus. After many weeks rehearsing in a freezing barn, we left Wintershall in two coaches at 7.30am on Good Friday and headed for London. There were two performances in Trafalgar Square, with excellent media coverage.

Thousands of people packed the square in the spring sunshine to watch the vivid enactment of Christ's crucifixion. I found it a deeply moving and uplifting experience especially when hearing audience members comments and how it had affected them.

We also performed in Guildford High Street on the Saturday. A totally different situation working our way past shoppers and road works in the rain as we followed Jesus's journey up the hill over wet cobblestones to the Cross. This experience added extra meaning to the joyful message at the end that Christ had risen and He is with us all.

Jill Pettyfer   Cranleigh Assistant Branch Leader

Rosemary's Retirement - Cranleigh Branch Leader

We said a BIG "Thank You" to Rosemary Gooding at our A.G.M. for the encouragement, support, and hard work she had put into being our Branch Leader for the last six years.

As you can see from the photo one of the gifts we gave her was a bird bath, an easy choice knowing her love of the garden especially the wild life.  Time will tell if she gets the same enjoyment from going up the Shard and afternoon tea at the Hilton!! She is of course still a very active member of our Branch, as she once told us "I'm like a stick of rock if you cut me in half I would have MU. written right through me". We all agree.

Anne (Lock)

Cranleigh Branch Leader

Mothers' Union Window

Several years ago, our Rector suggested that we might like to consider re-glazing one of the windows in our Church for the Mothers’ Union. The window we have been given is situated in the south side of Baynards Chapel, to the south of the Lady Chapel.

Fund raising at first was very slow but when one of our members died and left a large legacy, we were given the impetus to begin the process of getting a design and raising the rest of the money needed.

The design we have chosen is by Rachel Mulligan, a stained glass artist from Farncombe, Surrey. This is how she describes her design.

“The Nativity fits well with the Christian family theme requested by the Mothers’ Union. It also works well with the beautiful Burne-Jones ‘Choir of Angels’ already in the tracery.

“Mary is holding the baby Jesus close to her in the centre. Joseph holds a lantern and looks on. There are two shepherds in the left hand lancet, led there by the angles.

“The Wave of Prayer is along the bottom. The roundel on the left is dedicating the window to Louise Burridge (1910-2010), the member whose legacy made it all possible, and includes some of her favourite flowers. The Mothers’ Union emblem is on the right. The inscription along the waves in the central panel reads ‘Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.’

“The colours relate to the angels at the top and include blue and gold for the Mothers’ Union.”

It is really exciting being able to publicise the Mothers’ Union in this way. Leaflets are only relevant for such a short time but we hope this window will be there promoting the Mothers’ Union for generations.

Rosemary Gooding (Cranleigh Branch Leader)

Cranleigh Mothers' Union meet Princess Alexandra

On Friday 21st September fifteen members of Cranleigh Mothers’ Union were at Cedar Court Care Home in the village for the visit of Princess Alexandra. The event was in aid of Alzheimer’s Day and the Princess was there to release

the balloons that had been sold in aid of Alzheimers research, all balloons had dedications on their labels.


Her Royal Highness met residents, members of staff and those who regularly visit the home. Four members of Cranleigh Mothers’ Union live at Cedar Court and so branch members are regular visitors. The branch also runs an afternoon of hymn singing which is followed by a Communion Service. Everyone enjoys visiting this very friendly home and it was a real honour to be invited to take part in this special day.

Rosemary Gooding (Cranleigh Branch Leader)