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Christ Church Epsom Common
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Most meetings are during the day, either the 3rd Tuesday or Thursday in the month.  We meet in our church hall.  Details on Christ Church website under the link to Activities:


Meet at 10.15 a.m. and we stay for a “bring your own picnic lunch”.  In addition, our AGM and 2-3 other meetings during the year are evening meetings to allow working members to join us and extend fellowship to all. 

We welcome all … members/non-members, males/females, people of any marital status and parents/non-parents to our lively, mixed age branch. We invite Mothers’ Union and external speakers to inform us on a wide range of topics and interest areas – take your pick!  We run a popular drop in toddler group on Wednesday mornings in our church hall.  Last year saw us celebrate our 125th Anniversary with a church service followed by a celebration in the hall.  We also commissioned a new Branch banner which was dedicated on that occasion.  We would love to see you, so do come and join us.  Contact Michal if you wish to discuss further.

Photograph from Michal Keefe



At our April 2019 meeting, inspired by Reverend Jackie Richardson’s article in November’s Angel, we introduced our members to the 2019 theme – Listen, observe, act – in step with God – by collectively drawing a sketch map of our community.

Using the whiteboard in the church hall, we sketched a map of Epsom, marking on it the things and places we considered made up or were important to our local community and/or to us as individuals. Through doing this, with everyone contributing, we drew a visual representation of our community. We noted especially the sources of support within the community and where we felt there were gaps.

Our map!

We then discussed:

  • What we had drawn – and why?
  • If there were things we hadn’t drawn … did these gaps tell us anything?
  • What we had learnt through drawing the map, either about ourselves or our community?
  • Whether the map helped us identify ways we could explore to engage with and support our community?


Following some interesting discussions we used the map as a focus for prayer and gave special thanks for:

1. The open country spaces around us and their wonderful wildlife.
2. The hospitals.
3. The churches.
4. A local active and responsive community centre along with its transport provision which helps residents access activities.

We then prayed in particular for the following places because they are important to safeguard or because they provide hope of future possibilities for our community:

1. Horton Chapel – a new community project - and its links with other local places.
2. Preservation of our open spaces – we included a prayer for the Epsom Common Association.
3. Improved accessibility to local mental health services.

We additionally reflected on what WE might do to further engage with our local community … and we’re working on that!

We extended our thinking around the 2019 theme in May, when Antonia Wilson visited and helped set our Branch in the context of the wider Mothers’ Union.

Both meetings provided plenty of scope for discussion and certainly promoted  greater understanding of the 2019 theme - with all its possibilities.