Away From it All

Away From It All is a holiday scheme funded by the MU which helps those whose famly life has met with adversity.   While parents recognise the importance of family holidays, they are often the first thing to be sacrificed in low–income families or families with ill-health, even more so in times of recession.



This year, we were able to help towards the cost of a day out to the seaside for families staying in re-settlement hostels for battered women, and also help towards the cost of a day out for Families in the Care of  Homestart.Some of the difficulties and handicaps of the various families are quite heart rending.

This summer we provided a day out for families from Refuges.  They thanked Mothers Union for a day when they were able to feel normal again.


MU Guildford provides holidays for families in caravans on the South Coast and at Butlin's Holiday Camps or hotels dependant upon their need.

This is always a busy department of MU Guildford's outreach in the community and is a favourite for members to support.

Families who are given holidays have usually been referred to us by Surrey County Council Family Support Workers, Elmbridge B.C.'s charity Home-Start and local health visitors. In addition some families have  been directed to us via MU members, and the Clergy.  Recently, holidays have been booked for families connected with Highdown Prison. In some family groups there are 3 generations going on holiday together. 
Another problem is the inaccessibility of many holiday caravan parks unless the family owns a car. Needless to say, many of our families do not.  Where required transport is provided for these families to enable them to reach their holiday destination

When did YOU last have a holiday? 


"When did the family last have a holiday?" is one of the questions on our application form. The answer is often "5 years ago" or "not since the children were born"....on one application form, the answer was "never".
Although in Guildford Diocese we are not more than 50 miles from the sea, each year we receive applications from families who state that children as much as 12 years old have never seen the sea.
At Winchester Cathedral in September 2018 Neil Obbard spoke of his experience of ‘Away from it All’ holiday He had returned from fighting in Afghanistan and was in a very dark place when he went on a holiday provided by Mothers Union.  It helped him and his family and set him back on a journey to find his feet again.

If you know of someone who would benifit from this service. Please fill out the forms and send them to our administrator.