Mothers’ Union training course for volunteer parenting group facilitators, externally accredited by the OCN (Open College Network).
Please view our video about the course on our video page.

Mothers’ Union Guildford Diocese have been involved in the PAP Programme since 2005 and have trained over 20 facilitators. Not all of them are actively engaged with groups but all will have benefitted from the training and will be using those facilitation skills and the knowledge they have gained in some way.

The externally accredited status of Passionate about Parenting assures everyone of the high quality of the training being delivered, providing all facilitators with the skills needed to effectively establish parenting groups.
Many of our facilitators use the Family Caring Trust Material and will choose the resource most suited to their group i.e. 0-5’s, 6-12’s or Teenagers. Each programme is designed to run over 7 sessions offering an optional 8th session with each session lasting 2 hours. Sessions include:


  • Introductory overview
  • Behaviour you don’t like
  • Encouraging your child
  • Listening
  • Talking
  • Discipline
  • Quality Time
  • Spiritual Development (optional)

Feedback from parents who have attended a PAP MU parenting group:

“An inspiring course confirming natural mother instincts that can be easily forgotten amongst the hectic activity of daily life. It was enjoyable to see an insight into a child’s emotional world through light hearted role play, where at times the emotion felt was somewhat of a surprise! It was most enjoyable putting the new concepts into practise each week and as a result I feel a positive new angle to the relationship with my daughter developing. I have a deeper understanding of where she is coming from and fewer battles between two strong characters!”

“The parenting group was so good we are now planning to meet again to discuss other problems as our children grow up”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Parenting group. It has been interesting and useful, providing ideas to try with my daughter as well as reinforcing previous knowledge. I have met some lovely people and feel a more confident parent.”

“Some great ideas shared in a relaxed and supportive environment. Very worthwhile.”
“The parenting course was brilliant! I enjoyed all aspects of the course and it has been relevant for my older children and my younger child as you can adapt your parenting skills to suit any age. I would recommend it to any mums……or dads!!”

If you would like to find out more about setting up a parenting group in your parish or deanery please contact Karen Rand, Parenting Coordinator for Guildford MU through the contact page or watch a short video on our Video Page.

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