Passionate about Parenting Update

I have the privilege to facilitate various parenting courses and parent and baby or toddler groups and watch parents grow in confidence.  Many parents need to be empowered and given some extra tools, children don’t naturally come with a handbook. However parenting courses aren’t just for struggling parents.  I always tell each parenting group that between us all we have a vast amount of insight and support.  Our job is to share, so we all have the opportunity to become even better parents, it takes a village to raise a child to adulthood.

At the end of one course a mother wrote ‘I feel I am more calm, I listen more and we are generally a happier unit.  I found the course very helpful and have managed to put lots into practice already, that has had a fantastic impact on how I act and feel as a parent.’

Many facilitators find that the parents in the group want to continue meeting after the six to eight week course is completed. It is great if the parents can take this on and meet informally, however, one way that I have used, is to schedule a follow up coffee/cake meeting about 2 months after the course officially finishes. (Or a pub meeting for evening groups!)

The photo is of our parenting 0-5 group from Bookham meeting for a catch up with all parents, children, and any creche helpers and facilitators that were involved in the course. As you can see MU members provided homemade cakes and sandwiches for a yummy tea.

We met at a similar time to the course and it is optional, but most members were able to come back. This is a great way to build relationships, draw parents into other activities in the church and

community, and to generally re-affirm the skills they learnt during the course. It makes the process of saying 'goodbye' at the end of the course easier knowing that you have a date to meet up again in the future.