Women's Refuges


Guildford MU helps to support four refuges for woman and children who are victims of domestic abuse in Surrey, plus outreach for those who are unable to find a place in a refuge. These women really do appreciate members’ amazing donations and very kind generosity - so if you are able to do so, please do continue to donate.

We are also collecting for the Woking Night shelter (York Road Project); they would like men’s pants and socks (new), hairbrushes and combs, and also sleeping bags.

The pictures displayed are some of the generous gifts collected at a members meeting.



New bedding single/double/king size: white is the preferred colour

New towels and flannels

New tea towels (also good quality used tea towels/oven gloves)

J cloths / dishcloths / scourers

Dust pan and brush

Bleach/washing up liquid/bathroom or kitchen cleaner, toilet cleaner

Toilet brushes                                         Toilet rolls

Kitchen towels                                        Tissues


Kitchen utensils (acceptable if used but very good condition)

Cutlery                                                               White crockery

Mugs/glasses (especially children’s mugs)


The refuges would particularly appreciate gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian/vegan food items

Tinned food, such as:

Baked beans /spaghetti/chickpeas/kidney beans /tomatoes/ready meals/ vegetables/ fruit /soup/salmon/tuna/sardines/meat/custard/ puddings

Jars / Bottles

Any food in a jar or bottle, such as:

Jam/marmalade/brown sauce/tomato ketchup/mayonnaise/chutney/mint sauce/horseradish sauce/cook- in sauces/bolognaise sauce/olives/pickles


Tea- regular, fruit or herbal; Coffee / drinking chocolate 

Long life milk / long life soya / dairy / lactose free milk /fruit juice / squash

Dried Food

Rice including brown rice, pasta including brown, lentils, couscous, bulgur wheat, pudding rice, cereals, oats

Biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolates



Please note: toiletries must be new and unopened and not airplane toiletries (these can be donated separately for the hospital bags project)

Hand soap / shower gel / bubble bath /shampoo

Sanitary wear in UNOPENED packs

Toothbrushes and toothpaste for adults and children

Combs and hair brushes, hair dryers

Make up/Nail varnish/Paper tissues /Cotton wool


Pants all shapes and sizes, socks and tights

New ladies dressing gowns and slippers for when they arrive

New handbags / purses / toiletries bags for when they arrive

At the moment we have both new and young babies and toddlers who are in need of nappies. I am told that Pampers are the best as unlike the cheaper makes they don’t leak and keep baby dry. They need sizes 1, 2 and 5/ 6 [the later sizes as nappies and pull ups] but all sizes are useful

Babies and Children

Baby / water wipes                      Baby oil

Cotton wool squares (these are easier to wipe baby than cotton wool balls)

New cot bed size sheets

New pants and socks (all sizes) for boys and girls