Advocacy in Mothers Union comes within the Faith and Policy department, both nationally and locally. It is there to represent our members and their views. We work with many other charities and organisations raising issues in all sphertes on television, national newspapers, radio - including Premier and UCB - and parliment.

Internationally the mothers Union works world-wide with other chariyies and organisations. Mothers Union sends delegates to the United Nations, writing and submitting papers on varioous subjects , all upholding our values on family life. In 2016 the Mother's Union delegation at the U. N. Commission on the Status of Women, 60 were able to influence the texts in the agreements on womens empowwrment and its link to sustainable development; our representative was Matito Lechoano, Provincial CDC in South Africa.

The Mothers Unionworks within the British Parliament and at various party conferences, at6tending gfringe events on topics as sex and relationships' education, gender equality, barriwers to employment, domestic abuse and access to justice and human rights. 

They also lobbied for the removal of four percent Chlid Maintainance Servicce collection Fee for domestic abuse victims. Many members of the MU including those from the Guildfor Dicese signed a petition asking for a review. The Government is now looking in changing this as it is disadvantages the victim of domestic violence.

The Mothers Union launched the second editon of its "Labelled for life" in the Houses of Parliment on 14th November 2018. The booklet is designed to help parents unravel and understand social media and how it effects children.

MU also joined in the G lobal 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence which ran from 25th November to 10th December 2018. It called for people around the world to joinm together to call for the end of violence against women and girls. There were many events around the world and many led by the  Mothers Union.


Much of the advocacy work of Mother’s Union goes on behind the scenes, in committees meetings or by raising issues with individual MPs or the local press. With so many members across the world Mothers’ Union has a very powerful voice.