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Guildford diocese support local MU branches and our Global Mother’s Union


Guildford diocese support local MU branches and our Global Mother’s Union

Guildford diocese works to support local MU branches’ individual community programmes run by members. We also support our Global Mother’s Union organisation to advocate and campaign for changes by governments and decision-makers at both national and international level.

Inform, resource, and mobilising our members, supporters, and the public who are passionate about positively impacting issues of social justice at all levels.

Engage, inform, and communicate with governments and decision makers on issues that matter to communities across the world.

Collaborate with other key charities and organisations to help bring a united voice for change.

Mother's Union Guildford | Campaigns

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Make a Mother’s Day 2022

Mothering Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to show and remember the mothers and caregivers in our lives. It is a special time to express how much we appreciate their care, support and love. For the past two years, we’ve been especially aware of how important community, resilience and prayer are in our lives and in those of the people we are most connected with. The gifts empower women around the world.

Global Day 2021

Saturday 27 November 2021 was Global Day – the focus of Mothers’ Union’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. This day centred around the disturbing figure that “1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced domestic or sexual abuse” and that Mothers’ Union as a leading women’s organisation believe this to be unacceptable.

Other work we are involved in

Mother's Union Guildford | what-we-do_parenting | Toddler being supported whilst standing up


Our parenting courses are available to everyone and aim to empower parents to build the best possible relationships with their children.

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Mother's Union Guildford | what-we-do_away-from-it-all

Away from it all

Away From It All is a holiday scheme funded by the MU which helps those whose famly life has met with ad

Mother's Union Guildford | what-we-do_prison-parenting | Parent Handbook

Prison Work

Our parenting courses at HMP Send are adapted from Care for the Family courses, for prisoners who have contact with their children.

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