Planning Programmes

Planning the programme
• Consider a theme for your programme, always remembering the Aim and Objects of the Mothers' Union. Remember the three Units (Action & Outreach, Communications and Faith & Policy) and try to indicate, when introducing a Speaker, which Unit their work reflects.
• Consider whether to plan the whole year or two half-year programmes. A year's programme helps members to plan ahead and the committee to publicise events, whereas a half-year programme may enable topical concerns to be introduced more easily.
• Always be receptive to new ideas and open to members' and potential members' availability. A new time for meetings may encourage new membership.
• Show the draft programme to your Incumbent and check that it does not clash with other activities and celebrations in the parish diary.
Check the MU Corporate Calendar, to ensure there are no clashes here. Incorporate deanery and diocesan events into your programme.
• MIJ publications (books, cards, leaflets etc.) stimulate interest. Consider having a bookstall at the monthly meeting or at special interest meetings, particularly when inviting other organisations and members of the parish.
• It is not essential to have a Speaker at every meeting: try a discussion on national or local concerns, a quiz evening or an outing.
• Each member should receive a copy of the programme. Give a copy to your Incumbent and encourage him/her to come to part of the meeting.
• Publicise events whenever and wherever possible. Use your local church notice boards and newsletters and the MU poster.