Weekly Update 1st February

MU Leadership Conference 15 - 19 June 2020

There is a great opportunity for two MU members from Guildford to attend this Conference.  If time is tight you can arrive on the morning of Tuesday 16 June and leave on the evening of 18 June, thus being away only two nights. Antonia Wilson asks you  to consider going yourself or nominating another member to go – this is a rare chance to support a member who may grow into leadership (and not just into a trustee role).  
As the information and Families First article* shows (January 2020 edition), this  conference will be “something rather different”,  with content developed around four key ‘streams’: Growing, Hope, Confidence and Together. There will be two delegate places per Diocese, one for a Trustee Board member, and one which could be for a member who wishes to develop and contribute. This will not be a traditional Leadership Conference, and will focus on ways to nurture and grow the membership. 
Registration opens on eventbrite on Wednesday, 22 January.
*Please email the office if you would like to read the magazine article.

Choir for Lady Day: Wednesday 25 March
As in previous years MU members plus singing friends will form the choir for the Lady Day service.  If you are able to join this year, please let Lesley know as soon as possible.  There will be one choir-only piece "Peace, Perfect Peace" and the choir will augment the congregational singing.

There will be two Sunday rehearsals at All Saints Church Woodham on (provisionally) 1 and 15 March and a warm-up rehearsal at 9.15 am on 25 March in the Cathedral.  Rick Erickson will again be our choirmaster.

Families First magazine
You still have time to subscribe/renew https://www.mothersunion.org/FamiliesFirst
Any problems contact David Baronti directly at MSH 020 7222 5533

Do pass on this information to anyone in your branch who does not have access to email, so that all members can keep in touch. 
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