Faith & Policy

The Theme for 2020 is Building Hope and Confidence 

During our global listening process MULOA (Mothers’ Union Listens, Observes and Acts) the voices of over 200,000 members worldwide have been heard. This has enabled Worldwide Council to draw together key emerging elements, and thus shape the way forward for us as a movement.
“Building hope and confidence” has been placed at the heart of our call to support individuals and families to transform their lives. As we build our hope and confidence in God we will be inspired and equipped to build hope and confidence in others, in both local and global context.
Themed resources for 2020 to help us live out our faith to build hope and confidence in ourselves as well as those we support, and to nurture our faith as we continue to walk forwar

We also organise various opportunities for the spiritual growth of our members.

These include

Wave of Prayer 

Every member of the worldwide Mothers' Union is remembered in prayer throughout the year when members are together for Midday Prayers.

For the current list see Wave of Prayer 

Prayer Chain

There is a Prayer Chain link throughout the Diocese. If yoiu would like details please contact the administrator.

Diocesan retreats are held in the spring and in the autumn, usually at Godalming or Woking and are organised by Mary Trevill who can be contacted via the Mothers' Union office.

Quiet Days/Prayer Sharing Days are organised at either diocesan or deanery level for young families, branches, those living alone and for other groups.

Resources for young families 

Guildford Diocese and our Link Dioceses

Guildford has links with the Dioceses of Ukhahlamba (South Africa), Maseno West (Kenya), Oji River (Nigeria), Dunkwa-on-Offin (Ghana) and Coimbatore (India). Members are encouraged to pray regularly for the work of the MU and its members in these Dioceses. Some branches have their own worldwide links, including with Trinidad and Australia.