Pilgrimage of Prayer

The Pilgrimage of Prayer is a service normally held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Lady Chapel at Guildford Cathedral. at 11 a.m. EVERYONE is welcome to come to any of these services, which are for the whole Diocese.

Month by month, the Deaneries take it in turn to prepare and lead a service; the content and participants being up to the Deanery team to decide. The services are all so different, bringing together the skills, special interests and prayer concerns of the individual branches and deaneries as they choose. This is your chance to get involved in worship, to share your MU life with the rest of us, for the benefit of all. On a Deanery basis, being united in prayer in the mother church is one of the best ways to grow together in prayer & faith, one of our undergirding principles in Mothers’ Union.

The Pilgrimage of Prayer is also the time when members who have died over the past year are remembered, and their memories and work treasured, as their names are read from the Book of Remembrance.

Help is available for those who would like it, or for any problems;
contact the Faith & Policy Co-ordinator via our contact form.