Prayer Ideas for you !

Prayer keeps us together. Prayer supports all we do. Prayer is talking to God. Prayer is...

What is prayer to YOU?

Within the Mothers' Union prayer is what binds us together, supports us as we pray for each other in our Branches, in the Diocese and throughout the world in our Wave of Prayer. We are encouraged in our Prayer life with Quiet Days, Workshops and Retreats.

At 11am on the first Tuesday of every month we hold a Pilgrimage of Prayer in the Lady Chapel at the Cathedral. Our next residential Retreat is at Ladywell Convent, Godalming. To book and for full details contact your local MU.


Pray for... Parents

We pray for all parents everywhere, and give thanks for happy families. We pray for parents experiencing difficulties at this time, those who are stressed and over tired, and those in families where relationships are strained.

Be with all parents, Lord, as their children grow more independent, help them to hold their children with open arms, to make space for unconditional love and trust to grow.

We pray for step parents, parents who are alone in bringing up their families, and all who have the care and responsibility of children. We pray for parents separated from their children, especially those whose families have been torn apart by war.

We pray and give thanks for the Mothers' Union Parenting Programme and all those involved: facilitators and participating parents; Lord, grant them skill, wisdom and sensitivity in all they do in their groups and in ther families.

'Taking the child in his arms, Jesus said to them, "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me."' Mark 9:36b-37

Pray for... Literacy and Development

We give thanks for the work of the Mothers' Union in literacy and development. We pray for those who facilitate and all who learn, especially those who face opposition and oppression. Grant that your word may open doors in many hearts where there is no understanding of your love.

We give thanks that, through Literacy and Development, opportunities are opened up for women, men and their families, people are empowered and given dignity in their daily lives and mothers are able to help their children to learn.

God of all knowledge, deliver our world from recurring conflicts that close borders, schools and minds, and shut off the future. Give women, men and children the opportuity and freedom to learn from their heritage, read and write their own language and take pride in their people.

'By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it it established; through knowledge its rooms are filled wth rare and beautiful treasures.' Proverbs 24:3-4

'I was a person of no importance, I was blind. But now I know where I stand. I can give advice to my people and preach the Word of God to them.' Catherine Koropo Elia, Literacy Learner.

The Mothers' Union Literacy and Development Programme helps to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Working where the need is greatest, it empowers women and men, building on their experience and skills, to become leaders in their communities, to find jobs and to develop projects that benefit communities.

'I work as a cleaner and on pay day I would just take my pay without being able to check it was correct or not, sing my thumb print to sign for it. Now I know how to read and write and cannot be deceived any more. I am happy.' Margaret Keji, Literacy Learner.

Pray for... Grandparents

We pray and give thanks for Grandparents, for the love they give and the wisdom they share.

We pray for Grandparents who, through family breakdown or global movement, are separated from their children and grandchildren. Reach out to them, Lord.

We pray for Grandparents who are caring and providing for their grandchildren because their own have died. Lord, be with them and give them courage as they struggle to maintain a safe and happy home across the generations and in the face of many difficulties.

We give thanks for the joy that grandchildren bring and pray for their relationships with their Grandparents. May there be love, sharing and openness in all that they are to each other. We pray especially for Grandparents who look after children all week while their parents work, and ask that they may be given strength and endurance to cope with this commitment.

'Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?' Job 12:12

Pray for... those affected by HIV and AIDS

God of healing and hope we pray for all who live with HIV and AIDS, families and communities broken and struggling to survive. Give them the strength and courage of your peace.

Pray for... those who are mariginalised
We pray for all who are shunned and condemned, all who fear for their childern's future, all who are isolated and alone, all who are denied treatment and all who are abused. Give them the assurance of your unfailing love.

We pray for all who are deceived by ignorance and rumour, possessed by prejudice and fear, and act harshly or oppressively. Give the the freedom of you redeeming truth.


Pray for... those who are caring for a loved one and those who cre for others
We pray and give thanks for Mothers' Union members and all who offer care and support to the sick, their families and orphaned children; all who work in HIV and AIDS prevention and education, seeking to raise awareness; all searching for new forms of treatment.

'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do give you, Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.' John 14:27